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Have you ever had a driving lesson and ended up dreading the next time you get behind the wheel?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to pay out on other driving schools because I am not. I have the utmost respect for all people in my industry. It is hard work teaching someone properly when they are behind the wheel. But there has to be a line between what you pay for and what you get.

It is a fact that some people are in this industry for the wrong reasons. And that is what separates the good from the bad. What do you want to know about a driving school or a driver trainer before you hand over your cash? Have you even thought about what to ask?

Do you want to use a school based on the cars they teach in?

Are you looking for a school that is cheap so you can just get a quick fix from a professional?

Do you believe you just want to know what you’ll have to do to pass your test?

Looking for a different school after having had a bad experience with one so want to change?

Whatever your reason, you really do want to get your licence and you want to know the best way to pass first time don’t you?

So, you’ve called a driving school because they advertised lessons at $50 or maybe even $45 per lesson – what a bargain! Or is it?

Much time at the wheel may be limited to kerbside QSafe training. Avoid them. They will end up taking more of your money in the long run. S T R E T C H I N G out the number of lessons that they want you to take as they will not teach you as much in an hour as one that charges more.

You should be getting VALUE, QUALITY and RESULTS Every minute behind the wheel.

They may also finish your lesson abruptly and early. You’d like feedback about how you are going wouldn’t you? They will be in a rush to get to their next $45 or $50 lesson and they only have a certain amount of travel time allowed between lessons.

Is that the kind of teacher you want? Someone who is so tightly booked that they cannot spare a minute extra with you as they have to run on time for their next ‘lesson;.

When you call to enquire about a driving school, here are a few key points that you need to ask:

Do they have initial meetings or conversations with you to find out where you are at and make sure that the instructor that comes to you has that information and will ensure that your lesson is structured accordingly.

Ask if the instructor will pick you up from one location and let you finish at another – you’d be surprised how many won’t.

Be sure to question whether or not you will always have the same instructor. Some schools will send another instructor to you without giving you any notice and this can be hard, especially if you are nervous or anxious already. If they do need to send another instructor, will they let you know ahead of time to give you the opportunity to reschedule if you are not comfortable with this.

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Car vs You

Where will you be expected to drive a car?

The first time behind the wheel is super scary – and it is perfectly normal to feel scared, anxious or nervous. You are after all, about to be in control of something dangerous and expensive. A car.

This question alone can be enough to stop a new driver from looking forward to their first lesson – and in some cases, cancelling the lesson. Let me put your mind at ease. I will always take your abilities into consideration first and foremost, as well as your emotional readiness.

What experience have you already had?

If you’ve already been lucky enough to have mum or dad take you to an empty carpark or a hidden away industrial area on a Sunday then you are well on your way to going a little further and I will take you around some quiet suburban streets until you feel comfortable enough to go on ‘real roads’ with traffic and traffic lights and other scary things.

If I get you for your very first drive, I will ensure that you start in quiet suburban streets straight away. You won’t be expected to ‘drive’ away from your house either as I know how embarrassing it is for a new driver to see their family watching from the windows as they ‘bunny hop’ away up the road – not that I’ve ever had any bunny hoppers as I teach how to take off smoothly right from the get go!

Baby steps until you are ready!

Every single step of your learning is considered and thought through so that I do not jump from one level to the next until you are completely ready. Why not register for your Government Funded FREE Keys2Drive Lesson and book that lesson with me! A great way to ‘try before you buy’. Plus I get to meet your parents straight away!

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How to Pass your Driving Test


The Best Way to Pass Your Test FIRST TIME

You may have come across some driving schools that like to brag about their ‘Perfect Pass Rate’ or ‘100% pass rate’ or lately ‘99% pass rate’ for driving test. The truth is, everyone passes their driving test eventually. So if a driving student fails 2 times before passing, they have still added to the ‘pass rate’ of the driving school. You can pass first time if you remember this very important fact:

You will Pass Your Test when you are 100% ready

So what does ‘being ready’ mean?

It means that you have had a lot of experience and that you can drive without worrying about your weaknesses because you’ve worked on them and they are no longer an issue. If you still feel nervous about messing something up on your driving test, you are NOT ready yet. You are better to reschedule your test and keep practising until the things that freak you out are all fixed. Simple.

What do you think would happen should you somehow pass your driving test, knowing full well that the thought of approaching a busy roundabout or entering the freeway makes you tremble, and then you are out on your own, with nobody sitting beside you, on your P’s and you have to a) handle the scary situation while putting other drivers at risk while you still ‘learn’ how to do them or b) You avoid those scary places and take an extra 15 minutes to half an hour to get anywhere because you just can’t handle it.

Either way, was it really worth taking that test before you were truly ready? What if two weeks after you have proudly put those P’s on your car (or mum and dads), you totally write the car off because you were just not ready to be driving solo. I know from experience.

I totalled my first car within half an hour of getting in it to go show my best friends mum. These things happen. It is real life. I want to help you avoid that happening to you.

Ask me for Plate Readiness Check !

(Please note that the review below was made under my previous business name)
I totalled my first car within half an hour of getting in it to go show my best friends mum. These things happen. It is real life. I want to help you avoid that happening to you.

Test Center Myths Busted


Some Test Centres Have Higher Fail Rates Because The Examiners Are Mean!

This is an urban myth that circulates around schools as teens share their driving test experiences with their friends. Learn to drive properly and you have a higher chance of passing no matter where you take your test.

It’s quite funny as I hear that EVERY test centre on the Gold Coast is ‘really bad cos everyone fails there’! I’ve even had students who had taken their test at one Transport Centre and failed and then booked another test almost an hour or more away from home just so they can ‘pass’ without failing again at a Gold Coast centre! Learn to drive properly and save MONEY!

This tells me some very interesting truths about teens going for their driving tests. Remember I mentioned before that you will pass if you are READY. To me, you are ready when it doesn’t matter where you learn to drive, you are aware of other road users, you see all signs and markings along the way and you OBEY them, and you don’t freak out when told that you’ll be driving through that hectic roundabout or asked to turn right across a dual carriageway intersection……etc

Making mistakes is a learning process. Accept them. Learn and move on.

The reality is this. If you make errors on your driving test and fail, it is better to have done those errors while someone was still with you while you learn to drive rather than for you to make those mistakes while out on your own for the first time.

If you fail due to multiple ncde’s (non critical errors) and these could range from incorrect use of indicators, forgetting to shoulder check, turning a little wide around a corner or being too far from the kerb during a manoeuvre, you might not think those things are important in the larger scheme of things – you know you can drive right – the thing is, if you were really ready to be a P Plater, all of those things would be second nature to you and you would not have lost marks on them.

If you fail for a cde (critical driving error) then you are definitely not ready for solo driving.

You may never have made the same mistakes during your practise either with a parent or an instructor, but the fact that you did while being assessed on your ability to drive safely and in accordance with the road rules – not good.

You might think it’s no biggie to roll your wheels over a stop line at a stop sign and whats the excitement about not going over those double white lines? You were speeding? Really? And using poor judgement and leaving a minuscule safety margin when that van was coming towards you on the roundabout? What were you thinking?

These are all ‘LIFE THREATENING’ errors. This is why they fail people who make these errors. These drivers are not ready to be on the road with the limited experience that they have had until now.

So, now that you know that I have your best interest at heart and I really am passionate about road safety and keeping YOUR children safe when they get their license, give me a call to book in their training. 0403 063 319

I give so much more than a ‘Driving Lesson’. Anyone can get a license. It is way too easy to learn and practise just what you need to know to pass the driving test. People come to me to Learn to Drive. That is what I focus on.

Parents that care about their child’s safety on our roads and want to be sure that they have the skills to survive want to have the best training possible.

I promise to provide the best service to ensure their safety.

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