It is proven that the more practise you have while on your L’s, doing the things that P Platers do, the safer you will be as a solo driver

Did you know that, statistically, a P Plater is 20 to 30 times more likely to be seriously injured – or worse – within their first 6 months of driving without supervision?

Crashes are preventable and education for both parents AND Learner drivers is the Key.

Not every family is in a position to be able to afford driving lessons. As a parent of four children myself, I am well aware of the expense involved with helping your teen get their licence. I wasn’t a qualified Driver Trainer when my kids were learning to drive, however I was determined that they would all get the best experience possible before going out unsupervised as P Platers.

My eldest two children did not have to do 100 hours……..

My daughter (the eldest), to this day has been a relatively safe driver. She got two speeding fines within 15 minutes while driving one of my cars in the beginning and crashed her car while reversing out of a parking spot at a shopping centre – pulled front bumper off with a concrete pillar! She was heartbroken. The one thing my girl did when she got her P’s though was go for long drives out into the country, to the beaches – exploring her environment and getting used to driving alone. She is 30 now.

A near miss scared my girl last week. A dual lane roundabout, she’s in the left lane a large vehicle to her right was blocking her view. The other vehicle moved forward – and so did my daughter who then had to SLAM on her brakes to avoid being hit by an oncoming vehicle! I calmly told her “Never move until YOU can see clearly as other drivers may have poor judgement!”. This was a lesson for her. It had never happened to her before. She has been driving for 11 years.

My son, during his first year of driving without supervision, was the 4th car in a 4 car pile up on the M1. He was uninjured but his car was a mess. He had done defensive driver training but still did not have many hours of actual experience on the roads. He explained that it all happened so quickly that it was unavoidable! Sorry son, you were obviously travelling too close to the vehicle in front and did not look 5 moves ahead. I am pleased to say he has been incident free since.

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Compared to my youngest two …….

My twin daughters now aged 22. 100 hours plus in their logbooks prior to getting their P’s. Driving lessons at the end of their logbooks to assess their ability to go for their driving test. A Keys2Drive Lesson for each.

To fill their logbooks I would take them driving to anywhere that would put those minutes in. It started out with trips to and from work. Then visits to older sister who lived half an hour away if we didn’t use the motorway. It was getting hard to think of places to go. Then I hardened up and let them go on the motorway. Trips to Tamborine Mountain, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Surfers, Rainbow Bay – anywhere that would give us some quality driving time and experience. I put in the effort to help my girls become the safest drivers that I could.

Not many parents are doing this. They let their kids do the school runs, maybe a trip to the shops or a family member.


Now, I still didn’t show them how to be ‘perfect’ drivers. I didn’t know what that was! They had some bad habits that needed to be addressed by the driving school I took them to – but those girls to this day are confident, safe drivers who are fully aware of other drivers doing the wrong thing on the roads.

As a Parent teaching my own kids, I was far from perfect. I did my best but I was not a professional.


Today …….

I am very proud of my accreditation with Keys2Drive. I now teach young drivers, and their parents, about the importance of “Driving Like A P Plater while on L’s”. It is a FREE Lesson that is fully funded by the Federal Government. It may only be one lesson but if you take that lesson with me, I will show you how to enjoy driving with your teen, how to be in control but without being ‘controlling’. I will give you ideas and examples of what to practise with your Learner.

If you cannot afford quality driver education for your child, then you need to be involved in helping them get it. You want them to be safe on the road right?

Let me introduce you to a program that will facilitate a fun and rewarding journey for you and your Learner Driver.

Register HERE for your FREE Lesson ID. There is only one per Learner allowed. Once registered, you can text me on 0403 063 319, email or alternatively, look at the other Accredited instructors listed on the website to book a lesson with your preferred school or instructor.


If you have any questions at all – call or email me. My goal is to help as many families as possible reduce the risk of having their loved ones involved in an incident involving unsafe or inexperienced driving. P Platers are not bad drivers – they are just unprepared for the unpredictability of road conditions and other drivers.

Let us do this together!