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Where will you be expected to drive a car?

The first time behind the wheel is super scary – and it is perfectly normal to feel scared, anxious or nervous. You are after all, about to be in control of something dangerous and expensive. A car.

This question alone can be enough to stop a new driver from looking forward to their first lesson – and in some cases, cancelling the lesson. Let me put your mind at ease. I will always take your abilities into consideration first and foremost, as well as your emotional readiness.

What experience have you already had?

If you’ve already been lucky enough to have mum or dad take you to an empty carpark or a hidden away industrial area on a Sunday then you are well on your way to going a little further and I will take you around some quiet suburban streets until you feel comfortable enough to go on ‘real roads’ with traffic and traffic lights and other scary things.

If I get you for your very first drive, I will ensure that you start in quiet suburban streets straight away. You won’t be expected to ‘drive’ away from your house either as I know how embarrassing it is for a new driver to see their family watching from the windows as they ‘bunny hop’ away up the road – not that I’ve ever had any bunny hoppers as I teach how to take off smoothly right from the get go!

Baby steps until you are ready!

Every single step of your learning is considered and thought through so that I do not jump from one level to the next until you are completely ready. Why not register for your Government Funded FREE Keys2Drive Lesson and book that lesson with me! A great way to ‘try before you buy’. Plus I get to meet your parents straight away!

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