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Why Learners and their Parents Choose Me

Selecting a Driving Instructor is an important process. You want Learning to Drive to be fun, interesting and of course, Educational.

Finding out through your friends is one great way to find an instructor as you will have had feedback about them from your friends. Your parents may even put you in touch with who taught them! Yes, there are some older instructors out there who have taught two and maybe three generations from the one family. That is just how committed we are once we get going!

Another way to find an awesome instructor is to read reviews on social media. It is important to also take into account that some reviews may have been pre written by the Driving Instructor for copying and pasting by their students. Not an entirely honest practise but if the student agrees, then either they couldn’t think of what to write themselves, or perhaps they received some sort of compensation to do so.

Every review on my social pages has been written by either my students or their parents. None were ‘paid for’.

You can see what others have written about me HERE 

The nicest feedback that I get is often from parents who don’t always put it in writing for me – and it’s when they state what a difference that they have noticed in their Childs’ driving after a lesson with me.

CONFIDENCE – a professional lesson boosts a new drivers confidence as they are in a calm, relaxed environment. Parents are fantastic supervisors, but conflicts can sometimes arise when a parent/ supervisor may over react to a situation, shout out or grab the wheel (or handbrake! I used to as a parent!)

It is the role of a professional to prepare a new Learner Driver for driving supervised with their parents! Not the other way around. A few professional lessons could put you both at ease.

SAFETY – Having your first few lessons in a car with dual controls and a professional who knows how to handle any situation on the road is a lot safer for a beginner driver.

Gentle, step by step coaching on when to check mirrors, shoulder checking, moving at speed relevant to the conditions and much more. There are layers of learning that are better retained if done in order rather than expecting a learner driver to know it all as soon as they get behind the wheel.

Here is what some parents and students have to say about their experience:

I passed my test first try yesterday and can honestly say a large part of my success was because of Sonia and her help.
Before Sonia, I was using another driving school who were cheaper, but incredibly unreliable. They were constantly late, or would cancel my lesson without warning, or just didn’t show up. Trust me when I say you’re better off investing in Sonia. She has never once let me down or changed a lesson without plenty of notice. She’s completely worth the money.
She’s incredibly friendly, patient, and calm. Perfect for anxious learners. She explains mistakes clearly, then helps you to correct them.
Could not recommend her enough! – Chloe (student)

Sonia was an absolute pleasure to learn all the necessities of driving with. She was not only super helpful and knowledgeable but she was also extremely kind, reassuring and you can tell how much of a passion Sonia has for safe driving and teaching learners to be the best they can be. I am so grateful to have had Sonia help me and give me very useful tips which I wouldn’t of passed without! Thank you Sonia – Chelsea (student)

As a parent i couldn’t recommend Sonia highly enough as a Driving Instructor for your learner child. She is so very knowledgeable & understanding of both the very nervous parent & the learner driver. And is by your side every step of the way.
Her passion shines through her very successful results. My son passed his test first go, and he was a driver who was so very nervous to even get behind the wheel at all in the beginning. 
Thank you so much Sonia. You are awesome!!! – Lisa (parent)

Absolute super star! Sonia was an amazing instructor who made it easy to learn and was incredibly knowledgable! I would 100% recommend her to any/everyone!!!!!! – Thano

Sonia is so encouraging and supportive. She never push for buying her class and support individual goal. She wrote me two email listing my weakness and strategy to overcome them. She sent me google image for tricky Canadian roundabout and strategy to go through the roundabout. I give Sonia full credit for my driving license. Her driving school is highly recommended and I consider myself lucky to get a a driving teacher like her. – Ishita 

Could not ask for a better driving instructor super friendly, always calm great to have a chat to. After going somewhere else and seeing no improvement I found Sonia who taught me everything I need to know and helped me pass my test first go with flying colours.

Thanks heaps Sonia! – Matthew

I really lucked out when i was recommended Sonia over a Facebook post asking for nearby driving instructors. I just passed my green P plates test today and i couldn’t have asked for a better more friendly instructor to help me passing. Sonia goes is a delight to be around and goes out of her way to ensure that her students learn what they need to know to drive safely and properly as well as going out of her way to teach even outside her regular working schedule. I’d recommended her to anyone wanting to learn to drive, young or old! Thanks Sonia, you’re the best! – Lionel

Sonia is calm, friendly and professional, putting your child at ease as they learn how to drive. The feedback given to us at the completion of each lesson has helped us to know what level he is travelling at which we have found to be extremely helpful. We would highly recommend Sonia. – Hellen (Parent)

If you reside on the Gold Coast between Pimpama and Currumbin, Please get in touch to see if I can help with any ‘Learner’ related problems you may be facing. It costs nothing for a chat – and you may even be eligible for the Government Funded FREE Keys2Drive Lesson so that we can meet and go for our first drive together!

Please send a text message to 0403 063 319 with your name and phone number along with best time to call and I will call you back!

Alternatively, send me an email : sonia@learntodrivewithsonia.com.au

I look forward to helping your family ensure that your teenagers will be safer drivers once on their P’s.


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