International to QLD License - Driving Lessons with Sonia

If you are an International License Holder, I can guide you through ……

Did you know that if you attempt your QLD Driving test and are unsuccessful, you will not be able to drive on your International License? You want to make sure that you Pass Your QLD Driving Test FIRST TIME!

It is inconvenient to say the least. You know how to drive, perhaps you have been driving on QLD roads for a couple of months. But if you intent to reside in Queensland, then you do need to get your QLD License.

I have proven methods to assist you to get the best possible chance at passing first time.

I will give you an ‘Assessment’ Lesson where I take you for a drive – in my car or yours. This can take up to 90 minutes while I observe your ability to obey all of the QLD Road Rules

I will use the TMR Assessment Record to give you a ‘Mock Test’ so that you will have written evidence of anything that you need to practise prior to taking the real test.

I am available for any questions and will support you in your preparation for this important transition to living in Queensland.

Please give me a call on 0403 063 319 or send an email to : to set the wheels in motion towards your successful transition.

Nepalese student Sraddah was over the moon to pass first time!