Car vs You

Where will you be expected to drive a car?

The first time behind the wheel is super scary – and it is perfectly normal to feel scared, anxious or nervous. You are after all, about to be in control of something dangerous and expensive. A car.

This question alone can be enough to stop a new driver from looking forward to their first lesson – and in some cases, cancelling the lesson. Let me put your mind at ease. I will always take your abilities into consideration first and foremost, as well as your emotional readiness.

What experience have you already had?

If you’ve already been lucky enough to have mum or dad take you to an empty carpark or a hidden away industrial area on a Sunday then you are well on your way to going a little further and I will take you around some quiet suburban streets until you feel comfortable enough to go on ‘real roads’ with traffic and traffic lights and other scary things.

If I get you for your very first drive, I will ensure that you start in quiet suburban streets straight away. You won’t be expected to ‘drive’ away from your house either as I know how embarrassing it is for a new driver to see their family watching from the windows as they ‘bunny hop’ away up the road – not that I’ve ever had any bunny hoppers as I teach how to take off smoothly right from the get go!

Baby steps until you are ready!

Every single step of your learning is considered and thought through so that I do not jump from one level to the next until you are completely ready. Why not register for your Government Funded FREE Keys2Drive Lesson and book that lesson with me! A great way to ‘try before you buy’. Plus I get to meet your parents straight away!

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Logbook Hours

Getting 100 Hours Driving Experience

It may come as no surprise to you, but many Learner Drivers are logging every minute that they are behind the wheel in an effort to reach the 100 hours goal.

However, it might surprise you to know that many young drivers are getting those minutes driving to and from school or extra curricular activities. Same roads, same times of the day, same speeds, same traffic conditions.

Ask yourself, how would that type of driving be of benefit to a young driver when, after completing 100 hours doing those driving activities, books their driving test and BAM! They do not pass because they were guided through situations that were unfamiliar to them.

Admittedly, a lot of Learner Drivers do have the benefit of either a very involved parent or have had professional lessons -but even then, still have not covered every possible situation that might arise during their Driving Assessment to get their P’s. There are no ‘set routes’ for driving tests in Queensland.

Driving Lessons should be viewed as an essential part of your child’s education. Many people question why instructors ‘charge so much’, yet do not question the cost of other educational programs, books and courses.
What good driving instructors teach is how to be a safer driver. The possible cost of not having a good education with regards to safe car handling, obeying road rules and being assertive but not reckless would potentially be a lot higher.
Look at the bigger picture. Most instructors/ schools have many expenses to cover for them to be able to take a Learner Driver out on the road. Here is a list of some of those expenses:
  • Driving Licence plus Drivers Authority Licence (the extra licence that allow instructors to teach). This is only available annually and costs in excess of $315 – like everything, it increases each year.
  • A fully comprehensively insured, dual controlled and fully maintained and serviced vehicle. Many instructors have their cars under finance and so have the repayments to cover on top of expenses listed. A regular 4 cylinder car might cost less than $50 per month to insure. I pay 3 times that for my driving school car.
  • Fuel – now the price is rising drastically. Due to the fact that I do not just spend an hour with a driving student in streets close to their home doing manoeuvres, plus I pick up my Learner Drivers and allow them to finish anywhere that they need to be, my fuel costs are huge each week. I believe in holistic learning where I guide Learner Drivers around a variety of roads and situations each and every lesson. Also allowing time for driving between locations and the additional fuel for that also.
I’ll just interject a little comment here about pricing. 12 Years ago, my eldest daughters driving lessons were $50 per hour. The price of fuel back then was around $1.20. Registration, licensing and insurance has also all increased in price. The cost of living has increased. So when I charge $80 per hour, a $30 increase over 14 years is about $2.14 per year. Not bad when you think of it that way. Back to expenses:
  • Administration costs – website, advertising, google listing, photocopying assessment forms, phone bills, time allocated to returning messages and calls, internet and electricity to keep things modern and running.
  • Business Insurance, Liability Insurance, Fees for ‘Working with Children Blue Card’, business registration, Accountant fees.
  • Car detailing, new tyres and repairs along the way so that a professional appearance is maintained.
Then once all of the expenses are covered, our humble wages come in to just cover our own personal expenses and allow us to put a little away for a holiday or an event, time with family
For those that do not wish to spend the money on lessons for their Learner Drivers – or simply cannot afford to, I have written a comprehensive guide to assist Parent/ Supervisors to still give their Learners a quality – and hopefully life saving driver education.

Another vital part of Learning to Drive is the Government Funded ‘Keys2Drive‘ Lesson – it is totally free of charge! 1 only per Learner.

You could be missing some key elements while supervising your Learner Driver, this lesson will help you get and stay on track to assist your Learner Driver to become a safer driver once they get their P’s.
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I am an accredited Keys2Drive Instructor and find this lesson helps every parent and Learner Driver understand the risks of P Plate driving.

Book your session once your Learner has had at least 10 hours of experience – although those that have never been behind the wheel might find it of benefit to assist those who are nervous or anxious about taking that first step!

To receive the e-book ‘100 Hours Done’, simply fill in the enquiry form below for a no obligation copy of this informative guide to helping your Learner Driver. It is a ‘Gold Coast, QLD’ edition, however there are many tips for drivers Australia wide.

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